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Me in a nutshell

In 10 years I made a journey that took me from Head to Heart to Gut. Let me explain that to you. 


For the last 10 years I've been working as an entrepreneur. My company makes courses on 'Human skills' for professionals who excel in 'Hard skills'. 



I started my company in the financial crisis, after my graduation. I had the choice of doing job interview after job interview, competing with 1000nds of fellow graduates, or thinking differently. Of course it became the latter! Because I lived in a student house back then with technical housemates, I saw, what we call in Dutch, a 'gat in markt': communication courses for engineers. It was successful from the start, teaching more than 12.000 participants with more than 171 nationalities with clients like TU Delft, Shell, and ASML.



But after 5 years working from my head, I felt like a caterpillar in need for change. When I accidentally bumped into a storytelling course myself, I loved it so much that I became a storyteller, next to my business. Also, I started to help others sharing their stories, by becoming a TEDxCoach. To me, storytelling is communication from the heart. This even ended up in the publication of one of my stories in a short story collection published by the Dutch publishing house of J. K. Rowling. 



In the corona crisis I lost all my work (storytelling as well as business) in 1 week, because of government restrictions. It gave me so much stress, my yoga teacher recommended me to start dancing. I got involved with @vvoeljevrij, and I experienced that dancing is all about communication as well, but now I had arrived in the gut! Because dancing gave me so much knowledge, wisdom, and fun, I started to help organizing dancing events. 


Right now, I work with head, heart, and gut and my business is blossoming more beautifully than ever!

If you're interested in one of my 1:1 programs, I'd love to meet you! Please send me a DM or email adres for more information. 

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