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Online & Onsite Courses for 360° professionals

The training agency that provides courses to help professionals who excel in 'hard skills' such as facts and data with their 'human skills' such as people-to-people communication.

What we do

LEX-Company is a training agency that provides online and onsite courses to help you with your people-to-people communication skills. For more than 12 years we aimed for 360° all-round (tech) professionals, who excel in 'hard' and 'human' skills.

You are a scientist, IT professional, designer or other tech professional. Your focus is on content, such as facts and data. You regularly share this content with colleagues, customers, or suppliers from diverse backgrounds. Did you know that your 'human skills' greatly influences your achievements and goals?

We provide not only individual training, but also to teams or groups of up to 25 people, and we even have experience with programs for events with groups of up to 2,500 people.

Our courses

Everything you need to help you with your communication skills and stimulate your growth.


Helps you to express complex ideas in a simple way, not from fear but from confidence.

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Helps you communicate in an international and diverse workplace, where the same words not always have the same meaning.

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Helps you to become a chess player who is strong on the content and gentle on the relationship.

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About us

Our most popular courses, workshops and training programs are ready to be scheduled.

We are also happy to help you with custom-made programs. Depending on the topic, we have the capacity to serve large groups (up to 2400).

All programs are created under the supervision of Alexandra Sips (MSc), Senior trainer and owner of LEX-Company. Alexandra ensures that all courses are rooted in science and easy to apply.

Some courses are created with or facilitated by other expert trainers.

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Our Portfolio

Participants of more than 50 professional organizations have already chosen to work with LEX Company.

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Next to our regular courses, we also offer custom-made programs. Also, you can upgrade your chosen course with e-books, assessments, strategic assignments, videos, and additional 1:1 sessions to further develop your skills.

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