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Clients & Participants

Who we worked with

More than 12.000 professionals and students participated in our programs. They were engineers, academics, and over the years many other industries and professions joined as well. We aim for building long-term relationships with our clients. In that way, we are able to offer custom made programs, that fit the needs of the participants and industry. So far, we have long term relationships with some of our clients for over 11 years!


We developed and performed workshops, training, and courses for:

  • High-tech companies

  • Universities

  • Research & labs

  • Medical institutions

  • Media organizations

  • Museums

  • Hotel Management

  • Privately owned businesses

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Training & Coaching industry

  • Schools

  • Private individuals


  • Executive level: Boards, CEO's & Directors

  • Senior Management

  • Professors, Assistant-professors

  • Tenure Trackers & Post-Docs

  • IT professionals

  • Designers

  • Architects & City Designers

  • Language professors

  • Senior engineers & Engineers

  • Lecturers & Researchers

  • PhD's

  • Confidential advisors

  • Trainers, & Psychologists

  • MA students & BA students

  • Lab-workers & Secretaries

  • Sales professionals

  • Business owners

  • Young professionals

  • Artists, Writers, Opinion makers

  • Game Developers

  • Volunteers for migrants, elderly people

  • High-school students, and more

Design & Architecture
Events & Entertainment
Research Institutes
Non-Profit & Society
Small Businesses
Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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