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Creating 360° Engineers

Your work is data and content driven. You communicate, share, and negotiate your work with  colleagues, clients, or suppliers of diverse backgrounds. How do you make sure you obtain your goals?


LEX-Company provides tailored workshops, training programs and university courses to help you communicate orally in an effective way.

We create 360° all-round academics, who excell in hard and soft skills.


Corporate Storytelling

Scientific Storytelling


Pitch Coaching

Speaking without PPT

Pubic Speaking


Applied Storytelling

Storytelling for Policies

TED-like presenting

Presentation Coaching

Storytelling for Brands

Storytelling for Teambuilding

Cross Cultural Awareness & Skills

Working in a Global Workspace

Cross Cultural Skills in Academia

Cross Cultural Team work

Cooperation Dutch and Foreign organizations - NL/BE/ DL/ USA/ India/ Taiwan/ SK/ Thai

Teaching International classes

Preparing expats for Dutch workfloor

Making a career in NL for expats

Leadership Program for Individuals

Negotiation Skills

Conflict Management Skills

Feedback training

Strategic Communication

Conversation Skills

Women Leadership

Exploring Entrepreneurship

Executive Coaching



Alexandra Sips (MSc) is the engine behind LEX-Company. She has many years experience in teaching a variety of people to communicate better through training, workshops, and courses. She feels passionate about cultures and storytelling, and performs as a Storyteller as well.

Most projects accomplished with LEX-Company are in collaboration with 20+ Freelancers and Partners, such as actors, researchers, and trainers from a variety of specializations. Together, they managed to help more than 10.000 participants, from student to CEO.

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40+ Clients
10.000+ Participants
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