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Training & Workshops for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations



Bachelor's Courses

Master's Courses

PhD Courses

Public Speaking

Lectures & Presentations  for conferences, summits, and theme days


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Corporate Storytelling

Scientific Storytelling


Pitch Coaching

Speaking without PPT

Pubic Speaking


Applied Storytelling

Storytelling for Policies

TED-like presenting

Presentation Coaching

Storytelling for Brands

Storytelling for Teambuilding

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Cross Cultural Awareness & Skills

Working in a Global Workspace

Cross Cultural Skills in Academia

Cross Cultural Team work

Cooperation Dutch and Foreign organizations - NL/BE/ DL/ USA/ India/ Taiwan/ SK/ Thai

Teaching International classes

Preparing expats for Dutch workfloor

Making a career in NL for expats

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Leadership Program for Individuals

Negotiation Skills

Conflict Management Skills

Feedback training

Strategic Communication

Conversation Skills

Women Leadership

Exploring Entrepreneurship

Executive Coaching


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