"Mastering others is Strength, Mastering yourself is True Power"
Lao Tse

LEX-Company develops workshops, training, and university courses on leadership skills for students, PhD's, and young professionals

Learning all skills and knowledge you need to know as a leader about your communicationstyles, conflict styles, negotiation styles, conversation strategies, or entrepreneurial thinking.


We have experience with:

- Negotiation Skills

- Conflict management Skills

- Conversation Skills

- Entrepreneurial Skills

- New business development

- Women empowerment

- Diversity & Inclusion

Did you know that:

- 6+ years we run Masterclass courses on Strategic communication skills for BA students in minor Communication and Design for Innovation at TU Delft

- 2400 TU Delft BA students participated in our course 'Team Skills', over a period of 4 years, with a team of 8 freelance teachers

- Our Leadership Program for individuals supports you to grow in your leadership role?


Training & Workshops for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations



Bachelor's Courses

Master's Courses

PhD Courses

Public Speaking

Lectures & Presentations  for 50+ groups

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