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For Academics

"Genius is making complex ideas simple (Eintstein)"

Graduate School Course for PhD's

T1.C3 Sharing your Research and Work as Simple as a TEDxTalk

What if you could...

  • Present complicated topics clear and engaging

  • Convince clients/ investors/ stake-holders that your idea/ product is of added value

  • Move people to action, for example in your company or organization

  • Translate abstract policies into concrete examples that stick

  • Create a mutual goal or vision to work to with your team



- TEDx Talks

- TED - like talks within a specific organization

- Sharing visions

- Storytelling as a tool for teaching 

- Pitching

- Personal Branding

- Oral Presentations (corporate, academic)

- Storytelling as a reflection tool for career purposes

- Storytelling as a translation tool for safety policies

- Private coaching Public Speaking

- Storytelling as a tool for discussion and debate

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