"Culture is our Software" Hofstede

LEX-Company develops workshops, training, university, and coaching programs on Cross Cultural Competence for teams and organizations in Academia and Business

'Can you teach us how to make them adapt?' 'Can't you just give us a manual how to deal with the Chinese/ Indian/ Dutch?'


The answer is: No! It takes more than that to create a workfloor where professionals of all diverse backgrounds can excell. Over the years we have developed many courses and training programs to support your organization or emloyees with the development of their cross cultural skills.

We have experience with:

- Cross Cultural Awareness

- Cross Cultural Communication

- Cross Cultural Customer Communication

- Cross Cultural Communication in Academia

- Global Skills

- Cross Cultural Teamwork

- Cross Cultural Leadership

- Cross Cultural Cooperation between multi national organizations

- Cross cultural Teaching

- Expats in Dutch Organizations

Did you know that:

- 6 + years - Our Graduate School course on Cross Cultural Communication Skills for PHD's at TU Delft

- 2400 international Master students at TU Delft participated in a series of Cross Cultural Teamwork lectures

- 3+ years we support ASML with several cross cultural programs, like a large international cooparations and internal education


Training & Workshops for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations



Bachelor's Courses

Master's Courses

PhD Courses

Public Speaking

Lectures & Presentations  for 50+ groups

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