Alexandra Sips

In a nutshell:

Creative Entrepreneur who follows her Enthusiasm

In a nut:

Trainer, Storyteller, TEDxCoach

Helps you with your communication skillls.

Specialized in: Presenting Skills, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Communication

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Head of Coaching

Guest Lecturer


Where did this nut grow?

  • Grew up in city of Vermeer

  • Has roots in city of Rembrandt

     Lives there

  • Studied at Leiden University (Social & Organizational Psychology)

     with modules in Harvard and Hong Kong

  • Started own business straight after graduation

  • 10 years later and many adventures richer accepted dharma as creative entrepreneur

People who don't know her call her Alexandra*

* And her mum when she's angry

People who do know her call her Alex

People who get along with her Lex

That's where the          comes from

Nutty Information

That's Nuts!

Sometimes Alexandra feels like having an Angela Merkel and a Sofia Lauren living within her. Angela keeping her with both feet on the ground, Sofia being all over the place.


Angela usually wins.

And then there's also Patty (for millennials who remember Maple town: the little rabbit girl in pink dress with carrot who gets enthusiastic when she gets  into new adventures

People who do know her call her Alex

Cracking nuts

Want to know more? Alexandra also offers:

Taste of Nuts


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