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Training Agency LEX-Company

This century needs all-round 360° professionals: great with hard skills (facts and numbers), great with soft skills (human side). We help (tech) students and professionals optimizing face-to-face oral communication skills, such as Presenting Skills, Cross Cultural Skills, and Leadership Skills.


We design and perform training, university programs, and public speaking services. All programs are tailor-made to fit the needs of your industry. Also, they are rooted in science and easy to apply.


Since 2012, over international 12.000 participants went before you, from student to CEO. Group sizes varied between 1-2400 participants. This was possible with the support of a network of 20+ freelancers partners, like trainers, actors, and researchers.

12.000 + International Participants
      11  + Years experience
1-2400    Group sizes
       50 + Organizations

    ∞     Cups of Coffee

    From Student to CEO 
Creating all-round 360° professionals. Great with hard skills (facts and numbers), great with soft skills (human side).
An inclusive work floor where professionals of all diverse backgrounds can excel.
Fieke Harinck (PhD)


Sophie Janssen (MSc)


Fieke used to be Alexandra's professor at Leiden Uni. Now they joined forces and give training on Scientific Storytelling, as well as leadership courses for medical MSc students at LUMC.

Fieke is Assistant Professor at Leiden University in Organizational Psychology with over 20 years of experience teaching and training in organizations like Leiden University, Leiden Medical Centre, and the Kurt Lewin Institute. She combines this academic knowledge with skills from improvisation and theatre.

Funfact: Right now, Alexandra and Fieke are writing a book based on science, in which Alexandra does the storytelling, and Fieke the science.


Sophie is organizational psychologist, specialized in leadership training for high-tech companies. She consulted many IT companies with internal communication processes.


Over 6 years she's co-lecture with Alexandra in courses at TU Delft, like a Masterclass course on Leadership communication for BA students.

Funfact: Sophie now applies her knowledge on communication in tech companies to support people with autism.

Adda van Zanden


Ferdinanc Doumic (Ms)


'You really would match' a mutual client hired Adda and Alexandra for the same task. Since then, Adda and Alexandra work together.


Adda is trainer and actress. She knows a lot about body language and tools to make contact with an audience. Together with Alexandra she developed courses on storytelling and TEDxTalks for Universities and even an Art Academy. Also, they co-hosted and organizing a TED-like event on the future of education.

Funfact: Adda once played a role in GTST, the Netherlands most famous Dutch soap opera.

Ferdinand combines knowledge of being a french project manager with an american education in the Netherlands with work as a professional actor.

With Alexandra he co-developed acting exercises for cross-cultural communication rooted in science. He is main actor in the course Cross Cultural Communication Skills in Academia for PhD's at TU Delft.

Funfact: Ferdinand knows everything about baking bread.

Alexandra Sips (MSc)


Alexandra is owner of LEX-Company, Head of Coaching at TEDxDelft, and she performs as a professional Storyteller. At LEX-Company she's responsible for alle programs and client interaction. She was educated at Leiden University, with modules at Harvard and Hong Kong.

Funfact: Alexandra's first company was called KLUS BV (translated: Chores BV). She was 12 and her first client was her mother.

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